Pure luxe beauty and spa

  Beauty that's naturally you! 

Our qualified therapists will consult with you on your desired pressure and areas of concern 15mins prior to your appointment. Designed to achieve a total state of peace in your body and mind. 

Hot Stone Massage // $115 1Hr 15mins 

(Full Body)

A deep warm, very relaxing treatment involving hot stones & relaxation massage techniques. This is perfect for those cold wintery days in Robe.

Hot stone massage benefits:
* Reduces nervous tension and anxiety
* Gives a feeling of well being ...
* Nerves are relaxed
* Energy levels are increased
* Heated stones are soothing and promote a calm state of mind
* Helps to increase lymphatic drainage and remove toxins

Relaxation Body Massage // $95 1Hr

A full body relaxation massage, tailored for your specific needs. You will be surprised at how we can help you.

Massage has a strong effect on the body physically or physiologically; very important for helping the effects of stress and anxiety.

Massage creates an overall feeling of total wellbeing.

Back Massage // $65 30mins

More focus on back, shoulders and neck.