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It's time to relax...


Back massage / Back scrub / Express facial

Take some time out for yourself and indulge in our ‘salt’ relaxation package. Starting with an introductory massage to your neck back and shoulders, your muscles will feel eased and ready for your exfoliating back scrub. Finishing off with a rejuvenating facial to help restore your skin, making you feel completely refreshed before you leave our salon. 

60MINS / $180



Dry body brush / Body massage

Give your body a Detox. A dry body brush is performed in a firm sweeping motion to simulate lymphatic drainage and circulation. This technique benefits you by enhancing digestion, eliminating dead skin cells, relieving your stress and helps reduce the appearance of cellulite. We will then nourish and hydrate your skin by ending with a relaxing full body massage. 

75 MINS/ $115



Express facial / Deluxe spa pedicure​

Start glowing with a swift hydrating facial to benefit your skins needs; including a scalp massage to relieve tension. Concluding your treatment with a luxe spa pedicure, to relax you from head toe.


105MINS / $185


Full Body Wrap, Shower, Juice Break Facial.


A treatment to make you feel totally relaxed from head to toe.

Begin with a body wrap where full body exfoliation and mask is performed. Enjoy the warmth while you are wrapped in a blanket and receive a 15 minute head massage while your wrap processes. 

Make your way to the shower and wash off all the excess mask off.

Return to the treatment bed and receive a 45 minute facial designed for your skin type.    


You are now  reset and ready to face the world again!


2HRS / $230




Indian Head Massage, 30 minute Back, Neck and Shoulder Massage, Juice Break Facial.


Start your treatment with a 45 minute Indian head massage where your chakras will be balanced. 

Move to your treatment bed, where you will receive a 30 minute back, neck and shoulder massage leaving you totally relaxed.

Finish your treatment with a 45 minute juice break facial tailored to your skins need. 


You are now revitalised and ready for what the day has to bring!


2HRS / $245

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